Fintech Services

Financial technology, frequently abbreviated to FinTech , is the new innovation and advancement that means to contend with conventional budgetary techniques in the conveyance of financial services. It is a developing industry that utilizes innovation to enhance exercises in finance. The utilization of cell phones for versatile managing an account, contributing services and digital currency are instances of advances intending to make money related services increasingly open to the overall population. Money related innovation organizations comprise of the two new businesses and set up budgetary foundations and innovation organizations endeavouring to supplant or upgrade the utilization of monetary administrations given by existing monetary organizations. Many existing money related foundations are executing Fintech arrangements and advancements so as to enhance and build up their services, just as picking up an enhanced aggressive position.


Point of sale (POS) framework is where your client makes the payment for goods or services that are offered by your organization.

Purpose of offer frameworks are frameworks that empower the business exchange between the customer and the organization to be finished. POS framework is a mechanized system that comprises of the fundamental PC connected with a few checkout terminals and upheld by various equipment highlights beginning from standardized identification scanners and closure with card payment terminals.

As organizations have diverse profiles they need a different purpose of offer frameworks too. For instance, eateries, retail organizations, and supermarkets all have their claims to fame and that is the reason they need a POS framework that meets their particular needs.

A nourishment store requires a scale at the purpose of offer and a bistro needs a chance to modify menus if there should arise an occurrence of extraordinary offers.

In any case, when all is said in done, there are two essential sorts of organizations that need the purpose of offers framework. These are retail organizations and accommodation organizations, for example, eateries and lodgings. That additionally implies that there are mostly two reasonable POS frameworks one for retail and the other for eatery organizations.


AEPS is a bank driven model which permits online interoperable money related exchange at PoS (Point of Sale/Micro ATM) through the Business Correspondent (BC)/Bank Mitra of any bank utilizing the Aadhaar confirmation.

Step by step instructions to get it:

  • Give KYC (Know Your Customer) data to open another record
  • Aadhaar Number ought to be connected with bank A/c

Service Activation:

  • None
  • 1-2 minutes post Aadhaar seeding

What is required for Transaction:

  • MicroATM
  • Keep in mind Aadhaar
  • Give Bank name
  • Present self (Aadhaar holder) with Bio-measurements (Finger as well as IRIS)
  • Helped mode

Exchange Cost:

  • NIL to Client
  • Trader or BC may get charged or paid dependent on bank's caution.

Services Offered:

  • Parity Enquiry
  • Money Withdrawal
  • Money Deposit
  • Aadhaar to Aadhaar reserves exchange
  • Payment Transactions (C2B, C2G Transactions)

Funds Transfer limit:

  • Banks characterize limit. No restriction for RBI.

Disclaimer: The assets exchange limits depend on accessible data and may change dependent on banks.

Service Available from no. of operators:

  • 118 Banks.
  • Interoperable
Indo Nepal

The simple answer is you CAN transfer money from India to Nepal. Nepal and India are two separate and sovereign countries and you must go to bank to effect this transaction.

You cannot transfer money to Nepal from Indian banks by using net banking facility.

It has improved over the years and following three methods are the most effective ones!

  1. Transfer of money from Punjab National Bank (any Indian branch) to Everest Bank Limited, NepalSince PNB is a government bank, it may not allow you to transfer money if you do not have bank account with it. From the practical point of view, you need to have a bank account with PNB and you can ask them to transfer money to Nepal. It’s easy, reliable and effective.
  2. Transfer of money from State Bank of India (any Indian branch of SBI) to ANY bank in Nepal with SWIFT Code. The Process is same like that with PNB. Since SBI is also a government bank, it may not allow you to transfer money if you do not have bank account with it. From the practical point of view, you need to have a bank account with SBI and you can ask them to transfer money to Nepal. It’s easy, reliable and effective. From SBI, you can transfer the money to any bank branch in Nepal, and the service fee is quite low, only INR 34 for transfer of INR 100,000/-
    • First you can use State bank of India to transfer money to SBI nepal ltd. Go to nearest head branch of sbi and transfer it.
    • Secondly, you can use PNB bank to transfer money in Everest bank in Nepal.
    • Best and easiest way is via IME service…..

A prepaid card is a card that you use to get to cash that you load onto it ahead of time.

There are diverse sorts of prepaid cards. For instance, "non-reloadable" prepaid cards can't be utilized again after you utilize the underlying incentive on the card. "Reloadable" prepaid cards are those that you can add cash to and keep utilizing again and again.

Prepaid cards are sold on the web, in retail stores, via phone, and by a few banks and credit associations. Different kinds of prepaid cards incorporate finance cards, government advantage cards, and cards used to dispense understudy credits. Prepaid cards may look like charge cards, Visas, or gift vouchers, however they are very unique. Most prepaid cards convey a system logo (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover) and can for the most part be utilized wherever cards for that brand are acknowledged.

You spend the cash by utilizing the card at different traders, similarly as you would a charge or Visa. Prepaid cards can likewise for the most part be utilized for buys on the web or via telephone. Some prepaid cards can be utilized at ATMs after you have enlisted your card. Enlistment is additionally important before reloading a card.

The expenses and highlights of prepaid cards can be altogether different starting with one card then onto the next, so it's critical to look at cards before getting one.